Saturday, December 30, 2006

An outing to the Retiro and an encounter with a Gypsy

Hi again.

Today Eladio and I took my Father and his Mother on an outing to the Retiro. The Retiro is Madrid’s “Hyde Park” and is always fun to visit. There are so many people from so many places, lots of street attractions like puppet shows or people playing music.

It was a sunny day and there were still some leaves on the trees, quite something for the end of December. Above are pictures of Eladio and me with his Mother and my Father.

And while we were enjoying a coffee opposite the lake, a gypsy woman approached us and before we knew it she was reading our hands. I enjoyed every minute of it but Eladio was trying to shoo her away. Her name was Susana. She told me I would live a long life, had had some bad luck in the past but would be very lucky now in the future. She also told me many people envied me which didn’t surprise me. She then read Eladio’s hand and told us he was a solid serious and very hard working person and that he would be a grandfather of twins!!!! (Susi later told me a gypsy had once told her she would have twins, so let’s look out!!). The gypsy then read my Mother-in-law’s hand and said she would also live a long time – well that’s easy to say I suppose as she is already 85!! About my Father she said the same and that he was a man of “capital” and that he had lost nearly every one dear to him which again was true. The only thing she got wrong was when she said my husband had had lots of women before me. Little did she know that I was the first!!!

What a laugh. Sandy darling if you read this you may well remember the two of us having our fortune told in the Retiro some 15 to 20 years ago, just before you went to work in Brussels and I joined Motorola. Wow was that fortune teller right with his soothsaying.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and this family will be going to León once again to see the new year in with Eladio’s enormous family. This year we will be changing restaurants .- THANK YOU YOLI –

So my next post will be all about that. Rest assured we will be all trying on the newly acquired wigs and will have a great laugh all together.

Happy New Year friends and family.

All my love

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