Sunday, December 17, 2006

Casa Paco, Alex and Diana

Hi again

Now it’s nearing Christmas our social calendar is getting fuller by the day and yesterday was dinner with Alexander  and his beautiful fiancée, Diana. You may have read about them in previous posts. Alex and Diana are a German couple we met at Andy and Amanda’s wedding more than a year ago. Alex is posted here in Spain and is the Finance Manager for the same company as Andy, a distributor called Arvato Services Ibérica. And Diana, amazingly enough, is a brain surgeon; actually the only one I have ever known. Diana is working in a Psychiatric clinic in Cologne but is hoping to move to Spain next year. Meanwhile she is learning Spanish fast.

Alex lives bang in the centre of Madrid, right next to the Plaza Mayor and we had agreed to have dinner at Casa Paco round the corner from his house in the Plaza de la Puerta Cerrada. Casa Paco is a typical Madrid tavern house where, according to Alex, they serve the best fillet steak in Spain. We tried and I think he may be right.

We had quite a lot to drink too and ended up having conversations with the waiters about the traffic on Madrid’s outer ring road, the M40 and with a very exotic lady on the table next door about being fined in Germany if you spat on the road. This lady, hearing us alternate between German, Spanish and English spent her whole dinner listening to our conversation and butting in with the most strange comments. Diana diagnosed her as mentally disturbed!!!

The evening fnished with a glass of cava and chocolates at Alex’s delightful flat on the Cava Baja. I must say after such a great evening, I had my best night’s sleep in a long time and slept this morning till after 11. So maybe we should go to Casa Paco for dinner more often.

More news on our daily life next week when it will be Christmas.

All the best till then


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