Thursday, November 24, 2005

This could be it - our dream house?

Now that the pink house is no longer in the picture, the Argentinian a little pricey, we have come across this lovely Basque/Santander type country house. It is not perferct (not one is) but it is beautiful, great quality in the materials and I just love the architecture. A big plus is the huge country style kitchen. Don't like the driveway to the garage though so if we go to live there I shall be parking outside in the cul de sac.

Tell me if you like it


Monday, November 21, 2005

My latest news and a quick trip to León - 17th Nov 2005

Hiya again

I've been very quiet recently - still busy house hunting, job seeking and dieting (yes girl friends, I have lost 6kgs since 17th October - you want to know the method? It's called Herbalife!!!). Oh, and I must tell you that my Father has gone on holiday (all by himself at the good old age of 86) to Helsinki - good connections got a good price at the SAS Radisson Royal which he is enjoying immensely.

Made a quick visit to León last Thursday so that Eladio and his 5 other brothers and sisters and their Mother could sign some legal document to do with my recently deceased Father-in-law's will. It was a nice opportunity to be together. So of course we enjoyed a good lunch and not so good dinner out together. We also took a photo for memory's sake.

From left to right: Alejandro, José Antonio, myself, Adela, Pili, Ernestina (their Mother), Eladio, Primo, Isidro and Dolores (names in bold are the brothers and sisters). Missing were Andrés (Pili's husband), Yoli (Isidro's wife) and Marisa (Alejandro's partner).

Friday, November 04, 2005

All Saints' bank holiday in Istanbul 29 Oct - 1 Nov

Beautifully planned by Julio, off we went for a long weekend to Istanbul, Julio, Fátima, Eladio and myself. I had been there about 20 years ago but only really remembered the covered bazar.

Pretty packed but interesting programme which included the Blue Mosque, Santa Sophia, the Basilica Cistern, Topkapi, Turkish bath at the famous Camberlitas baths (one of the highlights of the trip - soapy massage by big naked Turkish ladies was something to be remembered), visit to the Taxim square and walk down Istiklal street, drinks at the famous Pera Palace Hotel of Mata Hari and Greta Garbo fame, the mosaic mosque, the spice bazar, the covered bazar (4 hours non stop shopping - great fun bargaining. Eladio turned out to be a great bargainer. Funny thing I got many compliments on my looks from so many Turkish men at the Bazar and so I kept telling them that Eladio was my husband which only made them congratulate him on his beautiful wife!! Maybe Turkey should have been my country!!!! Finally coffee at the famous Pierre Loti cafeteria and then a rip off dinner at the Kalamari fish restaurant. All in all a great time, despite the torrential rain most of the weekend.

Sultanahmet hotel was a great choice and the best thing was we complained about our room and got moved to the best one the hotel had with a view to the Blue Mosque - only downside being that we were woken up everyday at 5 am to hear the Iman calling the faithful to prayer!!

Photos are of Julio, Fátima and me on our balcony at the hotel, Eladio at the Kalamari restaurant and Julio, Fati and me buying ceramics at the bazar.