Monday, December 25, 2006

Outing to the Christmas Market in the Plaza Mayor

Eladio looking "punky" in his blue wig!

Me and the abuelos at the Plaza Mayor on a very sunny Christmas Eve

Hi everyone and Happy Christmas

On Christmas Eve, in the morning Eladio and I took the “abuelos” (my Father and Eladio’s Mother) to see the Christmas Market at the Plaza Mayor. My “secret agenda” was to buy some fun wigs for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The Plaza Mayor at Christmas holds a market every year where you can buy all sorts of Christmas objects, mostly Christmas trees and Nativity figures but also lots of joke objects.

The abuelos didn’t buy anything but I had a grand time getting wigs, Christmas earrings that light up and a climbing Father Christmas that only up ended working once.

We also had time for tapas in an old fashioned bar in the Plaza where we were served Sangría, calamares and patatas bravas – delicious.

Eladio and I couldn’t resist trying our wigs on before leaving for home.


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