Sunday, December 10, 2006

Olivia came home and Christmas came to El Bosque

Hello again

Oli arrived home last night but we didn’t see her until late this morning as her boyfriend, José Luis, went to pick her up and they went straight to a party at a friend’s house where Susi was already there.

So at about midday I saw a vision appear from Olivia’s room: my beautiful daughter, sleepy eyed and somewhat afflicted with an English cold walking towards me. The hug was so so warm and long awaited. We had seen her about 3 weeks ago at Amanda’s house in England but even so have missed her so much.

There was a lot of catching up to do today and we had a big family lunch together – 7 of us, like old times. Oli has brought an arsenal of English chocolate bars, very much appreciated, but oh so fattening.

And then Susi suggested it was a good day to put up the Christmas decorations and we all immediately agreed. Normally we don’t do so in this house until a few days before Christmas but somehow today felt right, the day of Oli’s return. Also this will be our first Christmas in the new house which we have been looking forward to so much.

And here is our little tree all decorated but looking a little small in this big new house. Eladio has also put the outdoor lights on the most perfect looking fir tree just outside the front door. And, of course, as tradition dictates, we put on the tape of English Christmas carols, as we have done since we first got married, some 23 years ago.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Love Masha

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