Sunday, December 03, 2006

Midnight Rose and I met Il Divo

That's me leading the Q+A session at a press conference at Midnight Rose - I look so intense.

(The Me by Melia hotel, Midnight Rose and the Penthouse terrace at the top - the tower is their main suite)

(Urs Bühler, me, Carlos Marín (the best looking) and David Miller)

(And here with the Spaniard Carlos Marín - I would say divine)
Hi again,

Midnight Rose is one of those special places in life. My events agency, Mi Querido Watson - -proposed it to me for the press conference for my company. It’s part of the old Reina Victoria Hotel in the Plaza Santa Ana in downtown Madrid. The old hotel whose façade has remained intact has been completely renovated inside to contain a fabulous new hotel, ME by Meliá, the Midnight Rose restaurant and bar and best of all, the Penthouse, the amazing terrace on top of the building which has incredible views of Madrid, plus all sorts of novelties, such as chill out beds.

I have now had the privilege of eating there a few times, once for the tasting, once for the actual event and once to take out my Swedish colleagues the night before the event. And finally last night I took Eladio there for dinner, as a treat from the owners. The food is amazing too.

And, yes, it’s true, I also met Il Divo there ( It was on the day of the event, last Thursday, I wanted to show my Yoigo colleagues the Penthouse before all the press arrived, for them to get familiar with the place. So up we went in the lift and who did we find on the terrace doing a photo shoot for Hola, but the Il Divo group. One was missing but I got to meet the Spaniard (Carlos Marín), the Swiss guy (Urs Bühler) and the lovely American (David Miller). I told them, truthfully, that they had been my Christmas present to a lot of people last year and they laughed and said how nice as most people told them they bought their music for their grandparents. They told me they had just released a new album called Siempre. So I think that will be an absolute must on my Christmas gift list this year.



David said...

I know one more guy who has a new phone from YOIGO, today i receive the confirmation from the webpage. Masha, you´re the best, always in the top. Kisses David.-

Olivia said...

You are SO lucky!!!! He is SOOO hot!!! jaja

Oli xxx