Sunday, December 17, 2006

Encounter with the Oreja de Van Gogh

My beautiful daughters with Amaya the singer.


The Oreja de Van Gogh - Van Gogh's Ear in English and yes it’s the name of a group - played at my company's party.

My daughters, Susi and Oli were hostesses at the event and absolutely adore this group – so do I actually. So I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of meeting them or having photos taken.

Right after the concert and still backstage I asked their manager if we could have some photos for my blog. Gustavo said there was no problem and invited us all into the groups’s dressing room. Luckily Rafa Gómez, my photographer and personal friend was there and could take the pictures. And here they are, one of the group of us and one my girls and Amaya, the singer.

It was fun talking to the group too. They are from the most beautiful city in Spain, San Sebastián. They have just won a Grammy award for their album “Guapa”.


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Olivia said...

jajaja Mummy!!! I am sure you meant "They have just WON a Grammy..." jajaja

Only minor mistakes, your english is getting a lot better jaja

Oli xxx