Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lunch at Jill + Paco's

Zenaida and Tapani

Susana and I
Hiya again,

Yesterday, that is Saturday, we had a lunch date at Jill and Paco’s house in Madrid and it turned out to be the first of our Christmas festivities this year.

Zenaida and Tapani were invited, as well as Susana Diaz Abarca and so were Ana and Tommy except that Ana mixed up the dates and thought the lunch was today and so never made it, unfortunately. So it was a real Nokia get together of HR and Comms with Legal missing.

Susana brought her two little boys, Pablo and David who had a grand time playing with Jill and Paco’s kids, Jacob and Isaac (or Jillón as he is called because of his golden locks which are so much like his Mother’s). Had the lunch date been next Saturday Zenaida and Tapani may well have been able to bring their baby daugther, Nereia who is due to be born this week.

Jill and Paco live in an attic flat in the middle of Madrid with a surrounding terrace which gives them an ideal view of Madrid roof tops. Paco, who is quite a decorator, also designed something I have never seen before; a window framed like a picture in the middle of their lounge. Quite spectacular!

Lunch started at about 14.30 and we got home at about 21.30, so as you can imagine the whole event was taken very leisurely. Paco gave me a glass of pacharán after lunch in a huge globe type glass where I think he fitted nearly half the bottle of pacharán. This really has been a week of drinking.

Yesterday’s lunch was really the start of our Christmas festivities. Jill’s flat was full of Christmas decorations, the pièce de resistance being the candy house her Mother had made for her grandsons; except that there was not much candy left on it.

As my camera has gone a bit caput, there are really two decent pictures one of Zenaida and Tapani and the other of Susana and me – before the pacharán came along!

Happy Christmas girls and thanks Paco and Jill for such a lovely lunch.


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