Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dinner at Fátima’s

From left to right: me: Augustin, Fátima and Julio

Anselme and Fátima junior watching the film
Hi again

Yesterday came another Christmas celebratory meal, this time at my best friend, Fátima’s house. The dinner was organised for Julio, Augustin and family, Eladio and myself. Augustin of French origin (plus some German or Swedish, can’t quite remember – suffice it to say Augustin is very international), was a former colleague of ours at Nokia until he got married to Eva and they went to live in Paris – well California first. Since then he has had 2 children, Anselme who is now 4 and a little girl who is 5 months old.

So dinner was a lot about old times but also catching up on each other’s news. Unfortunately Eva and the baby couldn’t come because the baby was teething but we did get to see Anselme who spent the evening playing with Fátima’s daughter, also called Fátima.

Whilst we had dinner – and a lovely one too, specially the ham and the Tiramisú – Fátima’s speciality, the 2 kids watched “Looking for Nemo” which gave us all a chance to natter about old times but actually, as Julio pointed out, it was as if time had not passed by as we felt just as close as ever.

I hadn’t seen Augustin since the 3GSM Congress in Cannes in February 2004, which was really some time ago, but I must admit he looked no different and as good looking as ever.

It was great to see you again Augustín and thanks Fátima for the great dinner.

And above are a couple of pictures of the evening to illustrate this post.

Cheers till New Year’s Eve when I will be writing my next post.


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