Saturday, September 06, 2008

Networking in Santander, Lerma and round and round in circles.

A drink out and rather blurred photo of (left to right) Nuria, Gustavo, Masha, Fátima, Eladio, Julio (González - not "Juli") and Carlos with Gonzalo at the front - how I love networking!!
Hi again,

You haven't heard from me for a while because I have been busy and away and have had no time to write until now.

Last week was the Spanish Telecomms Annual conference in Santander. I have been going for years (see my post from last year) and love it because of the place itself and of course meeting people from the sector and networking.

Work wise I was up to my eyes in it as I had to organise the Board Programme for my company and a huge party for all the participants. Luckily Eladio went with me to keep me sane.

We got some time on our own to enjoy the Sardinero Beach and also had a great dinner out with my agencies one night and even went out for drinks afterwards as you can see from the photo that illustrates this post.
Eladio reading the paper by the Sardinero beach on Sunday morning.
The Agency dinner at the Flor de Tetuan restaurant in Santander: from left to right: Eladio, Masha, Gustavo, Carlos, Gloria and Nuria.
Julio, one of my closest friends was there of course and we managed lunch together on Sunday at the Rio Sardinero beach. Fátima also came along this year for the first time which made a great foursome for evening walks and bathes.

Juli (Julio) smiling over the clam shells at the Rio Sardinero restaurant.
The party went fine and if you don’t believe me, read this journalist's report. It’s going to be difficult to beat next year.

On our way home Eladio and I stopped for lunch at Lerma, that majestic historical town just outside Burgos and of course went to the Parador in Lerma. What a beautiful place it is. Unfortunately I was pretty exhausted after Santander so perhaps didn’t enjoy the place as much as it deserved.

Eladio in the Plaza Mayor in Lerma in front of the Parador.
And so Santander is over and so is the enormous amount of work I put into the company activities throughout this summer. Now I have to go on to new projects which are already on my horizon.

And so my professional life goes on, round and round in circles.

Cheers till later

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