Saturday, September 06, 2008

Las Campanas 30 years on

Panoramic view of El Mesón Las Campanas taken last Wednesday
Hi again

El Mesón de las Campanas deserves a mention from me in this week’s posts. Mesón Las Campanas is a small hotel, cum restaurant, cum bar on the Madrid Burgos road (Km 135) actually in the province of Segovia.

So why does it deserve a mention you might ask. Well, it’s a place I stayed at with my parents and a girl friend called Sophie Tarassenko whilst touring Spain in Sophie’s VW beetle in August 1978,that is 30 years ago.

There is absolutely nothing special about it, except that it’s a cosy little roadside place that at least my Father and I have always remembered. I have always wanted to revisit it but never managed to do so until last Wednesday whilst driving back from Santander.

Eladio took a photo of me and then I discovered one of me with my parents at the very same spot. I scanned it and here you have the two of them.
Me at Las Campanas last Wednesday, some 30 years later.
Me and my parents at the same spot 30 years ago!
Quite something isn’t it?

Cheers again

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