Saturday, September 06, 2008

Home again, August is over, back to routine

Going to the cinema is back to routine.

Right now I’m in post Santander mode – with one big project over – and back home to a more normal routine.

August is over and the heat has lessened. We no longer have to cool off by the pool in the afternoon or have the air conditioning on all night as has been the case for a lot of this summer.

Back to routine it certainly was for Eladio and I last night when we went to the cinema and then out to dinner to our all time favourite, La Alpargateria. We went to see the highly acclaimed Los Girasoles Ciegos by the rather left wing José Luis Cuerda based on the novel by Alberto Méndez and set during the post civil war period in Spain. It describes very vividly the persecution of the losers of the war, the republicans, often called “the reds”. What didn’t convince us was the story of the rather sinister young priest who becomes obsessed with Elena, the wife of Ricardo, a red who has been hidden away at home for 4 years and lives in constant fear of being found out.
As to the girls, Suzy is taking a couple of re-sits so is sort of busy but with time enough, of course, to go to the fiestas that seem to be taking place all over the small towns around Madrid. Soon she will be starting the term for what probably will be her last year at University.

Oli’s internship with RTVE (Spanish television) has been extended for another month after a very successful stint with She is now working as an assistant producer for Informe Semanal which is a highly prestigious documentary programme and this week has been involved in a documentary on the famous Carabanchel Prison in Spain. We are all very proud and happy for her.

Tomorrow we will have guests which is very normal for us on a Sunday - nice sort of routine though! Alberto and Olga and Alberto's three children will be here for a barbecue and we look forward to seeing them and celebrating their happy news as they are expecting a baby. But more about that in next week's post.

Have a good week

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