Saturday, September 06, 2008


Hi again,

I’m writing a lot this Saturday afternoon aren’t I?

I want to mention something that is occupying a lot of my time recently and which I am thoroughly enjoying. And it’s View Masha Lloyd's profile on LinkedIn.
Networking is second nature to me so when Facebook came my way a year ago I soon became addicted and now use it to tell my community of friends what I am doing the whole time, to upload photos and to send birthday greetings to my friends, etc.

LinkedIn is different. It is also a social network but geared to connecting people professionally. I must have signed up at least 3 years ago but really hadn’t used it or seen its advantages until very recently. From what I can see there is fierce competition between people as to how many connections you have and also how many references. Thus I went through my whole data base and within less than 10 days now have over 200 connections and 9 recommendations and am on a crusade to reach 300 to compete with my colleague Maria!!
I don’t really know whether being part of LinkedIn will ever help me professionally but it is great fun competing for connections and finding people you haven’t been in contact for years and years and to know where they are now.

Have you tried it out?


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