Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to Santander with a splash!

Hi again,

And wow wasn’t it great to be back in Santander; seeing familiar faces, enjoying the beautiful city, the beaches and the food. I had been away for 2 years and was really roaring to be back. It was a very full 2 days of pr and socialising and now I am back home at my desk pretty exhausted but happy.

Julio and then me on the walk in the morning from the hotel to the Conference centre at La Magdalena
My main mission was the organisation of a big party for all the attendees which took place last night and I am glad to say now that it was a complete success to judge by the attendance (over 170 people) and the great atmosphere.

The party venue with our logos.

The Motorola clan at the party. They certainly know how to have a good time. Thanks guys for your enthusiasm.
Sunday night I had dinner at Zacarías with Julio (my “bestest” friend), my ex boss, Félix, probably the best boss I have ever had and my dear friend and colleague José Luis Pérez who is now the Nokia Siemens Country Director, Monday lunch was with work colleagues at La Posada del Mar (highly recommendable) and last night we were invited by Sony Ericsson to dinner at La Bombi. La Bombi is a Santander must for me and something of a tradition. This was arranged by a ex colleague of Motorola and great sector friend, dear Gonzalo Eguiluz – note how good looking he is just past his 40th birthday and to think we first met when he was 28; a spring chicken who had just married and used to eat pop corn for dinner as he and his child wife, Alicia did not know how to cook!! Thanks Gonzi for the wonderful dinner and the fun at the party. Sorry I’m such a lousy dancer.

Gonzalo and I, 12 years on and looking good.
I was staying at the hotel I nearly always stay at, called Rhin Santander (now Río Silken) and it is right opposite the Sardinero Beach; probably the most beautiful and certainly the best kept beach in Spain. It is within walking distance of the Magdalena Peninsula which is where the telecoms conference takes place. And, yesterday, in between the end of the conference and the dinner I had time to swim and finally took the plunge so to say. I have been going to Santander for years but have never ever bathed. So this time and in order to revive for the dinner and party after a long day of pr, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity for a walk and bathe on the beautiful Sardinero beach.

The view from my hotel room of the Sardinero beach.
I enjoyed it so much that I repeated the experience again today just before having lunch with Julio and his friend Javier after which I was to grab a cab to the airport and make my way home.

Home is where I am now, back safe and sound, but not for long as tomorrow we are off to Stockholm.

So more of my news next week (and here is the complete photo album).

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