Sunday, September 02, 2007

Update of the week; catching up with friends, some happy birthdays, welcome back Miguel and off to Santander and Stockholm.

Hi again

This week has been quite busy workwise, getting ready for our participation in the annual telecomms event in Santander starting tomorrow. But there has been time for quite a lot of after Summer holiday get togethers too.

Last Sunday we had José Antonio, Eladio’s beloved brother, for lunch as his family were nearly all in London settling Sarita in who is now back from China. We didn’t get to see her in between trips which we all very much regret. Eladio and José Antonio spent most of their time talking about old times which is a very respectable thing to do, so I left them to it.

Pictures of the two "boys" chatting and relaxing, one with darling Phoebe
During the week I met up with a journalist friend of mine, Vicente Fernández de Bobadilla. We hadn’t seen each other for over 2 years and there was a lot to catch up. Vicente is much more a friend than a colleague.

And on Friday Eladio and I went out to dinner with Eduardo and Graciela, ex colleagues from Nokia. They live very near us actually so we had been planning this dinner for sometime. We finally went to a place I have been dying to try out in Majadahonda called Ars Vivendi. And here is a picture of them both which I had fun taking and am having fun posting here because, in a way, I am “formalising” their relationship which was actually a bit hush hush when we worked together. As anticipated we did, of course, talk about old times, the good ones and the bad ones of which there were quite a few. But that is all over now.

Graciela and Eduardo
And this week I have to say happy birthday to 3 people: Pili, one of my favourite sisters in law, Ana Valdivieso, my lovely pregnant lawyer friend and also to Lars Wallmark, a fun colleague of mine from Sweden.

And finally I have to welcome back Miguel, one of my favourite nephews. He is returning to Madrid after a 2 year stint in London and he is returning to work for a British firm who are setting up offices in Spain. Great to have you back Miguel.

And I will be travelling this afternoon to Santander to the annual telecoms conference. I will be returning after a 2 year absence and am really looking forward to it as anyone who is anyone from the sector will be there. Also Santander is probably one of my favourite cities in Spain and we will be staying at a hotel right on the Playa de Sardinero, a short walk away from El Palacio de la Magdalena where the conference takes place.

Palacio de la Magdalena, UIMP Santander.
The return will be short and sweet though as I have to curtail the trip to return on Tuesday evening as I will be travelling to Stockholm on Wednesday for meetings on Thursday and Friday. The good thing though is that I will be taking Eladio with me and we will be staying the weekend.

So I have a great week ahead of me.

Cheers to you all.

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