Monday, September 10, 2007

Stockholm, a romantic and wet weekend


Here are the photos of our trip. Suffice it to say we had a great time, although we were pretty washed out by the rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Eladio thought it was the most beautiful city he has ever seen. Not for nothing is it called the Venice of the North.

Great monuments, great views, great food and rather nice people too. And many thanks to Lena Dworen for the private tour of Stockholm, Town Hall included. Also much fun was driving through the city in her little Ford Ka; quite an experience.

We loved the Vasa museum, the Skansen park and above all the old town.

Cheers Masha
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Eladio and I on one of the many ferries between the islands.

Eladio showing the candle holder we bought at the Skansen park souvenir shop

Me showing the Swedish horse (sort of symbol of Sweden) we also bought at Skansen. We actually went into the museum shop to escape from the horrendous rain!

Eladio filming the replica of the Vasa ship

Eladio and I outside the Town Hall. This photo is courtesy of Lena Dworen and is the one I look best in; probably because I still had some makeup on from after the meeting.
Eladio in the blustering wind near the Royal Palace.PS. Here are the pictures I posted on Facebook. To see them pictures, click on the cross.

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