Sunday, September 02, 2007

Changes to my blog, link to Facebook, language translator and the weather. 9000 visits.

Hi again

Hope you have noticed the link to my spot in Facebook. If you click on me you get sent to my profile where you can sign up to Facebook if you want. But if you click on the picture below that takes you to my latest photo album in Facebook. I can really recommend Facebook as I have found so many “lost” contacts through it and can now keep up with so many friends and also have loads of fun with some of the applications. Do try it out.

Also you will see I have added a translator at the left hand side of the blog. You just have to click on the flag of the language you want. It is automatic but the quality, I am afraid, is a bit poor. The funniest thing I saw was Santa Pola (Spanish town) translated into Spanish by “Papa Noel Pola” because “Santa” was understood as Father Christmas!!!! I have to thank Roberto Hortal for the translator as he told me where to get the link. Thanks Roberto, my distant IT advisor.

Finally I have added a weather forecast for Madrid which updates daily.

One thing I haven’t done yet and that is change the complete look of the blog. I would like to but am petrified I will lose some of the content!! So it will just have to stay the same.

By the way, I now have registered over 9000 visits. That’s not bad for a private and domestic blog. If you look at the country and continent counter at the end of the blog, it’s amazing to see I have readers from all the continents in the world. I just don’t understand how my life could possibly interest people who don’t know me. After all it’s not particularly exciting. Or is it?

Cheers again.

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