Sunday, June 01, 2008

Celebrations, Oli’s last week at University, the wild boar again, a new Blackberry and a new found author.

Hi again

This week there have been quite a few celebrations. In first place, I have to include Oli, my younger daughter who, as predicted, finished her studies this week. She has now officially got 3 degrees and all in 5 years. Well done darling. We went out to celebrate as a family on Friday to the Vaca Argentina (of course) and bigger celebrations are to come.
Suzy (left) and Oli (right) at the family lunch
Suzy at the family lunch.
As this was Oli’s last week studying, I took some photos of her and, Susi, of course, who has a little way to go till she finishes, to record the studying moments as something special in our lives.
Oli's last day studying at home
Suzy with some more time to go. She takes it with a smile.
Miguel, my favourite nephew and I say that with authority (an Aunt can have a favourite, it’s legitimate – I actually have 13 nieces and nephews and have many favourites among them, Miguel being one) was 30 this week. That is quite something and for me is a bit of a symbol. He was 4 months old when I first came to Spain and now he is 30. So much has happened since then.

Another celebration was lunch with Julio and Fátima to celebrate the former’s 40th birthday. I first met Julio at Nokia in the year 2000 when he was not yet 30. We hit it off immediately and have been best friends ever since. Buying birthday presents between the 3 of us is always a bit complicated and Julio had asked, once again, for a white Lacoste polo shirt. Being his 40th birthday I refused and insisted on being original. And the originality was a success to judge by his reaction to the dinner for 2 voucher at Fortuny we gave him. It’s a great idea and if you live in Spain, I highly recommend this service which you can find here: Cena Shop

Other things happened this week too such as dinner with our friends Eduardo and Graciela at, yes, guess where? La Vaca Argentina. How we love that place. Apart from great chats about all and nothing, Eduardo showed us Blackberry’s latest secret and actually let me take a photo. It seems Blackberry will be finally targeting the consumer market and now have a clam shell prototype which one day will be available in daring colours like pink or red and not only black. Good for Blackberry, what a cool brand. It can’t be too much of a secret if he doesn’t mind me posting it on my blog!

This week was also the final episode of La Señora. However, what we all want to happen, for Angel and Victoria to finally get together did not happen so it has left the door open for a new series with lots of things unresolved still. It will be back in September.

On Friday I had a live interview with the “Protagonistas” programme of Punto Radio, well at least with the Galicia edition. I used to hate radio interviews, especially live, but these days, the same as the TV, I have sort of grown up and no longer feel nervous. I just treat it as if I’m having a private conversation. However, I hate listening to myself afterwards so when my PR agency sent me the tape I just deleted it.

I must also mention that this week we spied the wild boar again on one of our daily walks. It was quite peacefully eating berries from a tree. It did not look at all wild.

Another thing I must mention this week is that I have found a new woman author (yes I nearly always read books by women, don’t ask me why). “She” is Cath Staincliffe and was actually in my year at school. I had completely lost contact with her but at the St. Joseph’s College reunion someone mentioned that she had become a famous author in the UK. I was intrigued and so wrote to her and got a lovely reply back. Meanwhile I ordered “Trio”from which is a book by her about adoption by Catholic mothers in the UK in the 60s. She told me it was a sort of one off as most of her books are crime mystery. I think it is brilliant. It is written so humanely and realistically but with very little sentimentality. I am enjoying it tremendously.

Today could be Spain’s opportunity to win the Giro for the second time in history with Alberto Contador, last year Tour de France winner. He has a 4 second lead and today, the last stage, is a time trial. As I am writing, the race will be beginning soon. Cross your fingers. The last time Spain won the Giro was with Miguel Induráin, Spain’s best cyclist in history who won the Tour de France 5 times in a row. Good luck Alberto.

So what will this week bring you may ask? One thing for sure, will be a trip to the Basque Country with Eladio on Thursday. I have to do a site inspection for an event so, of course, will be taking Eladio with me. He does not need asking twice as San Sebastián is one of our favourite cities in Spain.

More about that next week.

Cheers till then

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