Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anne Marjut and Jupe came to stay and I wasn't there!

Hi again

I just have to record the fact that my Finnish friend, Anne Marjut and her son, Jupe came to stay last week. Unfortunately I was away in San Sebastián and La Rioja (more about that in my next post or so).

They came to chill out a bit after so much work and exams but they were hit by a huge heat wave. Even so I think they enjoyed themselves driving to El Escorial, seeing Madrid and going to a Bodega, in between buying ham at the local supermarket, bathing endlessly in the pool, making a Finnish dinner for the family as well as seeing Spain beat Russia in the European Cup semi final.

Sorry Anne darling you weren't here but at least you get a mention in my blog with a picture of the Finnish dinner you prepared, the remains of which Eladio and I finished off when we came home last night from La Rioja.

Cheers and hope to see you soon, maybe in Finland.

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