Monday, May 26, 2008

Visits to Madrid, driven out of the house, robbed of a walk, fancy dress party, La Señora, dinner with friends and Oli finishes University this week.

Hi again

Just a few lines to record what I have been up to this last week and since we came back from Montrondo.

I seem to have been into town quite a lot recently. You may think that’s nothing special but we live out in the country and going into Madrid is always an effort. On Wednesday I had a consumer press event at a pseudo Scandinavian restaurant called Olsen which I can actually quite recommend. I was back on Thursday night for an event which this time I was invited to and which was held at the Penthouse terrace of the Me Hotel, one of my favourite places in Madrid. The views of the Madrid skyline are terrific.

And this morning I returned as I had to visit possible locations for 2 events I am organising next month. Eladio was in town too, renewing his national identity card, and we were able to enjoy Madrid together; despite the rain.

We have had terrible wet weather for weeks now but I shouldn’t complain as Spain is very short of water. The rain, however, robbed us of our walk on Friday. On Friday we were chased out of our house too as the girls were having a super mega fancy dress party to celebrate Oli’s birthday. So where did we go? Yes, you guessed right, La Alpargatería.
The fancy dress party
I simply must tell include here our fascination with La Señora,a Spanish melodrama set in the 1920’s. We have been watching it every Thursday night since it started a few months ago and are so hooked that often we have skipped events to watch it. I missed one episode in the UK and last Thursday came back early from the Penthouse party in order to watch the end. The final episode is next Thursday but meanwhile there were 2 summary marathon sessions this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 4 to 6 which had Eladio and I glued to the TV. The story revolves around the impossible love of a beautiful rich girl, Victoria Márquez and a poor village boy, Angel, who is forced to join the church in order to separate them. There could be nothing more romantic. The setting, a coastal village of Asturias with glorious sea views, the story of the servants, again with a love story entwined, all remind you of a sort of Spanish “Upstairs Downstairs”. Unfortunately it finishes this week.

The weekend ended with dinner at La Vaca Argentina with our friends, Roberto and Maricarmen with whom we seem to plan a trip each time we go out. This time it might be to San Sebastián or to Montoro in Córdoba to the delightful country hotel called Molino de la Nava.

This week is very important for my family, as our youngest daughter, Olivia will be finishing her University degrees this Friday. Fancy! There will be many events to celebrate, the first being a family dinner out on Friday. To come will be the graduation ceremony at the University and on 21st June we will be holding a big party at home for her friends from all the different stages of her life and for the family. And who will be organising that? You guessed right, me, of course. Yes, I am going to be busy.

But more about that and other things next time,


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¡Que guapa! te queda muy bien el amarillo. Besos Mónica