Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Helen’s story, Oli's graduation, Yoli and Isidro came and so did “It”

"It" came to stay, the kitten with no name.
Hi again

I have been up to my eyes in it so to speak this week. This month I have 4 events and two of them were yesterday so I am a bit stressed at the moment. I am sort of beginning to understand that I actually enjoy the preparations more than the events themselves and all I want to do is to get them perfectly prepared and executed and then out of the way and on to the next thing. I also seem to be glued to my pc at all hours and am quite obsessed about organising my files, photos and e-mails. I suppose if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to find anything.

Anyway yesterday is over, so now I can sit and write and post an update on this week’s happenings for this blog which has become a complete diary of my life and a very important part of my life too.

The most important piece of news to include here today is that my friend from school Helen King has survived! I haven’t seen Helen since I left school some 32 years ago but I have never forgotten her. She was larger than life and the brightest girl in our class, she was also great fun. Helen knew when she was 14 that she wanted to be a lawyer and a lawyer she is today. Helen missed the school reunion because she had broken her leg but, thanks to Brenda, I spoke to her on the phone on that very occasion. We vowed to organise a get together in Manchester soon which is where quite a few representatives from our school days live.
Helen King revising for her A levels in 1974. She always made that face then. I wonder if she still does now.
Helen King in 1974 at school (second from the left)
Helen fell very ill a few weeks ago and was diagnosed with a blood clot on her lung. Her kidneys collapsed and she became so ill she had to be connected to a life support machine and her life was very much feared for. At a distance I suffered for her and could not get her out of my head. There is a story I heard from a friend that I would like to believe. It seems her brother who is a priest gave her last rights and put a medal in her hand. Since the medal was placed in her hand Helen slowly began to recover. Whether that was due to the medal or to Helen’s fighting spirit we will never know. But what do know today is that Helen eventually woke up, spoke and ate and has been getting better ever since and this weekend she will be going home to her family of 3 children to start her life again. I vow now that that reunion in Manchester will take place.

Anything after Helen’s story seems pale, but life goes on and so do the stories of this week.

It was Oli’s graduation ceremony at the UEM University on Friday for which she decided to change her look. A bottle helped to change the colour of her hair from platinum blonde to what we think is her “natural” colour brown. As you can see from the photo she looks spectacular, whatever the colour.
Oli's new look
Suzy helping Oli get ready for the University Graduation Ceremony.
This year’s ceremony was much better and shorter than last years and I at least was interested to hear the GM of Microsoft Spain, Rosa García, address the students. She is something of a personality and I sort of identify with her as she also hasa blog, is a Mother and an executive and has similar challenges with her work life balance.
Oli with her "tog"
On Saturday Yoli and Isidro (Eladio’s youngest brother) came to visit us to pick up a garden table they had bought on internet like ours. So it was a great excuse to have a family barbecue to which we also invited José Antonio and Dolores. We had a good time together and went out on Saturday to a tasting at a hotel I was doing an event at this week.
The family barbecue
As my work life balance is pretty good at the moment, I had the girls working with me at the events yesterday. It makes them so much more pleasant for me and is excellent experience for them too. And here we are the 3 of us next to some lovely Mini cars we used to take the journalists in.
Mummy and the girls "working"
Also this week we have taken into our home a new member of the family to replace dear Henry. It is a little black and very frightened boy kitten who still hasn’t been baptised. The girls got him from the Spanish equivalent of the RSPCA. You will be seeing more of him in my blog as he grows, unless, of course, he runs away which is quite probable as he is so scared. He “lives” in a box in the kitchen, or rather hides behind it most of the time and we have to have the kitchen door closed to stop it escaping. But will we all remember to keep it shut the whole time? I wonder. Anyway there will be more news about “it” in my next post.

With news of “it” that just about rounds up our news for this week and I say “our” as Eladio says this blog is not just mine but ours as the posts are all about “us”. Of course, he is right.

Before I finish, I must say Happy Birthday to dear Sandie whose birthday it was on 10th June.

Cheers till next time when there will be news on the friend and family gathering this Saturday to celebrate Oli’s multiple graduation, preparations for which are well underway.

All the best

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