Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rubbish on our walk - my photo published in Qué! today


Just a quickie to let you know a photo I sent to the newspaper Qué! got published today.

The picture is of a load of rubbish dumped on our daily walk, right by a sign saying no dumping. It's spreading all over the fields and is becoming a huge eye sore. The cleaning department of the local town hall hasn't bothered to do anything about it and probably never will.

I love this country but cannot tolerate the lack of solidarity with the enviroment. Spanish houses are impeccable inside, cleaner than any other in the world. The problem is the outside. My conclusion is that when the area doesn't belong to anyone, then noone cares what it looks like.

Cheers for now
PS the link to the pdf of today's Qué! is: http://www.quediario.com//pdfs/madrid/061107mad.pdf
My contribution is on page 10.

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