Sunday, November 18, 2007

A quiet week with not much to report. Spain beat Sweden 3-0 and classifies for the Euro Cup.

Hi again,

Well this week has been very quiet and very busy workwise. One of the highlights at work was a meeting held at my offices between the Communications managers from all 4 mobile phone operators in Spain. There may be a lot of competition between the companies but we, as communications professionals, get on famously. I suppose it’s because we have so much in common in our jobs and very similar challenges both internally and externally.

Monday we went to see Roberto, our nephew, who had his knee operated in Madrid. Poor chap won’t be walking again for 2 months or playing sport for another 6. I wish him a quick and easy recovery from here.

This week was also Juana’s birthday. As she’s very obviously still in her 30’s I can happily wish her a “happy birthday” also from here. I know she’s thriving in Mexico city with her lovely family. I don’t see much of them though, unfortunately.

Midweek I had lunch with a journalist friend Ana from the Spanish news agency Efe. It was a working lunch but even so great to catch up with her.

This weekend Eladio and I went to the cinema twice; once on Friday night to see José Luis Garci’s latest film, “Luz de Domingo” which is highly recommendable. And last night we went to see Elizabeth, the golden age. It was also very good, although full of inaccuracies and the Spaniards, specially Felipe II were portrayed a little too pathetically.

We actually had tickets to go the Spain Sweden match last night played at the Real Madrid stadium but Eladio chickened out as he was a bit worried about possible violence. I think the match live would have been a great experience. The good thing though is that Spain thrashed Sweden 3 – 0. There should be a few laughs about the result tomorrow at work as my company is mainly Swedish owned!!

And the week coming up will be equally busy full of preparations for Christmas related activities. It’s so funny to be thinking and planning already for Christmas but it’s actually only a month away.

Hope you all have a great week.


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