Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh my God I reached 10.000!


I just had to include a post to celebrate 10.000 visits to my blog today. I love writing and keeping it up to date but really the content is actually quite mundane and domestic that so much interest in it surprises me a lot. I have a map at the bottom of my blog to see where the visitors are from and it's amazing to find people from Australia, China, India as well as other parts where I don't think I know anyone. Is what I do so interesting to the outside world I often ask myself?

When I write I have certain people in mind, mostly girlfriends who now live far away. And this blog is a wonderful way to keep them updated on my life. You know who you are girls; I don't have to name you. Some of you have blogs too.

I have now been writing since September 2005 and the blog has become a complete graphic record of what we've been up to. A lot has happenend in that time, the most important of all being my Father coming to live with us, me finding a new job and, of course, our moving house.

But the most wonderful thing of all is that we are all fairing well, are in great health and have some of the greatest family values I know. One day in the future when I am an old lady I will probably reread parts of my blog and miss this happy stage of life we, as a family, are going through today.

So I will continue to record our doings and hope you continue to enjoy reading them too.



Anonymous said...

A mi me quedan unas pocas visitas para llegar a las 10.000 tambien.
Enhorabuena Masha!

Anne said...

Hola darling, I´m back reading you story :) Lovely to see a picture of Mencia too! And the lovely trips - I really miss that from Spain, the weekend excursions with always a nice meal :) Big kiss hon, Anne