Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Oct 07. Is this my daughter Susana?

Hi again midweek.

Today is All Saint's Day and we are at home with a full house as the girls invited Fergus, Merce and Laura out last night for Halloween. They will be staying for the bank holiday too.

The girls spent most of yesterday planning and preparing their Halloween evening out. Most of the effort went on designing their outfits; well their's plus Fergus'. They also had a little help from a great shop in Madrid called Vicente Rico where Oli bought her "seductive devil" disguise. Susi went as a "femme fatale" but actually looked more like a call girl as you will agree from the pictures. Laura used one of the great wigs I got last Christmas at the Plaza Mayor and went as a strict schoolmistress. Fergus was dressed as a spooky doctor and I know Merce was lent one of the other wigs but never got to see how she was dressed as the girls were picking her up last night at midnight off the train from Murcia.

Here below, if you click on the link (or red cross if that's what appears on your screen) you can see the photos I posted in Facebook. However I couldn't resist illustrating this post with the best shot of the lot, Susi in the blonde wig and all made up. Is this really my daughter??

Cheers for now/Masha

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