Saturday, June 02, 2007

Catching up with old friends. Lunch with "Pelo Pincho", dinner with Marta.

Dinner at Marta's
Hi again

This week has been quite busy workwise with lots of meetings and projects going on. On Wednesday I gave a presentation at a PR conference and felt quite a veteran sitting at the head table instead of being in the audience. It was funny to see how some of the audience was falling asleep during the speech before me. So I made damned sure my audience did not sleep but had them laughing or agog at some of my experiences in PR in my latest job!

On Thursday afternoon I had a date with “Pelo Pincho” whose real name is Javier. I baptised him the former when we first met because of his hedgehog type hair cut. I am really really sorry I didn’t take my camera to the lunch to show you just how good looking Pelo Pincho is.

Javi is an ex colleague from my Nokia Network days and one of those people who have the sort of chemistry which matches mine. We did not work at all directly together but always used to seek each other’s company in the social events. He is from Murcia and is a great swimmer but best of all he is a great listener. Javi do send me a photo please and I will publish it to illustrate this post.

I ought to add that just before Javi came I bumped into Mónica, my old assistant at Nokia. It was such a pity she couldn't join us for lunch. Móni: it was GREAT to see you.

This week was definitely a week for catching up with old friends as I also had a date with dearest Marta (there is a link to her blog on the left hand side of mine) another ex colleague from my Nokia Network days. Marta and I didn’t work together either but we worked near each other and she was my morning coffee mate throughout the time I knew her there until she left. Marta is now married to Fran and they live in a lovely flat in the north of Madrid. The flat, to quote Fran, could be an Ikea showroom - very Scandinavian with lots of wood and white furniture. Eladio and I had dinner there with them last night and over a bottle of wine and some wonderful food they had cooked we got up to date on each other’s lives.

This time, though, I did take my camera with me. In the photo above do please notice their very modern cooking contraption – a nitrogen siffon used by Ferrán Adriá, the famous Spanish chef. She quite impressed me when she used it to make whipped cream with yoghourt to go with the strawberries. That is some very sophisticated way of cooking!

Marta and Fran, thanks for the lovely dinner and for your great hospitality. We had a super evening.


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