Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Catching up with colleagues from the past. Lunch with Santi and Cristina


If last week I was catching up with old Nokia colleagues, this week it was with agency colleagues: Santi and Cristina. They both used to work for Comunica which was my events agency when I was at Motorola and Nokia. Cristina and I go back a long way and have had many experiences together, such as an incentive trip to Amsterdam for customers to the Final of the Champions League against the Juventus. But there were many others. Cris is now the Advertising Manager for the Banco Santander and Santi is part owner of a new events agency, called “Mi Querido Watson” or My Dear Watson.

I hadn’t seen Cris since the N-Gage 2 launch in Pedraza, Comunica’s last event with me which was probably 3 or 4 years ago. But we both agreed time hadn’t passed for us looks wise.

I have seen Santi more often. He’s always looking for a house or going skiing except his news this time is he has bought a new motor bike which, of course, as he knows, does not interest me in the least.

And here is the picture of them both to “frame” the moment over a wonderful “arroz a banda” in Pozuelo.

Great to see you 2 guys again and thanks for the wonderful lunch.

Cheers till the weekend.


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