Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer dinner party, a sporty weekend and I can see again

Hi again

This week has been busy for us all but mostly for poor Susi who had her first exam on Friday at 10 – biochemistry of all awful subjects. She was awake all Thursday night revising , thanks to Red Bull. Oli has her weeks full now as she is working as a trainee journalist at Mia, the Spanish equivalent of Woman or Woman’s Own. She is in the fashion department and although she doesn’t tell us very much, it seems she is always off to photo shoots or else going to buy sandwiches for the rest of her department! But then, if you are the trainee you tend to get given those sort of tasks.

Shopping of note this week was when I acquired a beautiful red chiffon trouser suit from Cortefiel for Roberto and Ana’s wedding next week. I was a bit worried it might be too much red but Oli said that wearing just one colour is supposedly very elegant and she should know now, I suppose.

Eladio has been sprucing up the garden most of the week after all the rain we have had. He was also getting it into ship shape for our guests on Friday, his old boss, Juanjo and his wife Justi, as well as our friends, Roberto and Mari Carmen. Friday afternoon had me preparing food all afternoon and laying and decorating the table for dinner on the pool terrace. I made “vichysoisse” – a French sounding but actually cold Spanish Summer soup made of potatoes and leeks laced with cream and parsley. The rest was cold cuts, canapés and salads, all very summery food.

The dinner party
Unfortunately the topic at dinner was politics – not my favourite subject but certainly Eladio’s and our guests. They all tend to favour one particular party whereas I am a bit in-between so I enjoyed putting the cat amongst the pigeons once or twice during dinner.

Saturday was a bit of a hang over day where we were a little tired from the effort of putting on the dinner party but also from going to bed so late with too much wine in our bodies. So there was no going out yesterday. Instead we stayed in and watched the “telly”. I watched some of the Real Madrid – Zaragoza match which was supposed to decide the Liga but in the end there was a draw, as there was with Barça and El Español. So the Liga will now be decided next week. Before that we saw some of the the Formula 1 trials in Canada where Hamilton got the pole position and our favourite and Hamilton’s “team” mate, Alonso came second.

After that we watched a bit of Gozilla which gave me nightmares including nasty dinosaurs which I have always hated.

Sunday morning was a lazy one where we spent most of the morning reading the newspapers. Then the whole family got into motion to make a barbecue. Eladio is becoming quite a master at it.

This afternoon I started watching the Roland Garros Tennis Tournament final between Federer and Nadal but stopped watching after the second set which Federer won. I can’t stand the tension and can only enjoy it if Nadal is winning. I sort of decided that if I went away it might help Nadal to win!!!! Maybe while I’m writing this Nadal’s advantage will increase.

The score when I stopped watching the match
You are probably wondering what I meant by "and I can see again" in the title of this post. Well I changed my glasses this week after having worn the same multivision ones for two years. I thought my sight had worsened alarmingly as frankly my vision was getting worse and worse. It turned out my sight was the same but my glasses were appallingly scratched. So when I tried on the new glasses on Saturday morning I suddenly had my "sight" back. The worst thing was seeing the wrinkles on my face which with the old glasses I didn't think I had!!! It is great to "see" properly again.

This week coming is full of press meetings work but then of course, we have the wedding to look forward to next Saturday in León where Eladio will have the honour of being the groom’s chauffeur.


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Anne said...

Nice that you remembered the flowers on the window :) Wish I could come by for one of your fabulouse dinner parties soon but it looks like my summer is going to be busy packing, moving and settling back to Salo again.

Big kiss and lots of love,