Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another wet weekend, Local elections, Quillo and Elsa are leaving and something to look forward to.

Quillo and Elsa just before they left
Hi again

This weekend has been wet yet again. Would you believe that this May has had the highest record of rain in the last 50 years? It has been incredible, storms with heavy rain 2 or 3 times a day most of this month. Thankfully the better weather is supposed to be around the corner and soon we should be able to make use of the pool.

On Friday Eladio and I ventured out to a new restaurant, believe it or not. We were a bit tired of La Alpagatería, La Vaca Argentina, Ginos or Mood. So we tried to book at Ars Vivendi in Majadahonda and for the umpteenth time it was full. Then, however, I cottoned on to the fact that they have a branch in Pozuelo called Ars Pasta. And this is where we went. Funnily enough it was here that Oscar and Juana had their goodbye dinner some 3 years ago. And, by the way, we highly recommend Ars Pasta and will certainly be going back. Just everything we tried was delicious.

On Saturday we had the first family lunch together, without the boyfriends, and with both girls for a long long time and I made my famous “Cocido Madrileño” as it was wet and nasty outside. In the evening the girls had a dinner and drinks party for their friends to celebrate Oli’s birthday. So we decided to have a cozy night in with a Turkish take-away and a good film. The good film which was “World Trade Centre” was not actually that good but at least it was entertaining.

Today we got up pretty late to find very few remnants of the party – thanks girls for clearing up so well. Apart from the normal Sunday chores and having to prepare the roast for lunch, we had to go and vote as today are the local elections. For my Father this was the first time he was voting in Spain and he was a little worried about the procedure which actually turned out to be very simple but completely different from the UK of course. He and I were only able to vote for the Mayor of our town, Villaviciosa and not for the President of the Community of Madrid as we are “foreigners” so voting today was no great deal.

This weekend will mostly be remembered though as the day the puppies Quillo and Elsa left. They are going to Susi’s boyfriend Gaby’s new house in Brunete where he and his family are moving this weekend. Quillo is going forever and Elsa is going for a while only as it would be a crime to separate them so young. Eladio is the person who will be most relieved as the number of “crimes” they have committed in the garden would not fit in my blog, there have been so many. So bye bye Quillo and farewell Elsa till we meet again.

Maybe you will wonder what I meant by “something to look forward to”. Something to look forward to for Eladio and I is generally a big event coming up in the family but more often it is a trip we have planned. So trips we have looked forward to in the recent past have been our weekend at the Senda de los Caracoles or our week in Cornwall.

What we are planning now is a week’s holiday at the beginning of August with my Father in the Rías Bajas (Rias Baixas) of Galicia. They are sort of fiords and are part of the southern part of the Galician coast. Galicia is on the north west coast of Spain. They are absolutely spectacular and their beauty rivals both Cornwall and Scotland in the UK. However, the food is 100% better as you can imagine. The famous Albariño white wine is also from this region. We shall certainly be tasting a lot of that!

The location of the Rias Baixas in Galicia
And this is the hotel we have found after 3 weeks of searching the web. I love the architecture and it faces a lovely beach and the rooms have great sea views. So what more could we ask for? So now we have a little something to look forward to and a new dream in our heads again.

Cheers till next week my friends.

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