Sunday, May 06, 2007

The garden in Spring. A quiet weekend and nice to be home.

Hi again

This week has been all about back to work and back home after our wonderful sojourn in Cornwall.

It has been raining for weeks which is pretty unusual for this time of year in Spain but yesterday and today, Sunday, the sun came out. Eladio took the opportunity to mow the lawn and I must say the garden is now looking spectacular.

We couldn't resist taking photos of some of the plants and trees in their Spring splendour, specially a plant with white flowers which I think are called "snow balls". Also the horse chestnut with its pink blossom is a sight for sore eyes.

Darling Oli will be back tomorrow a little earlier than planned and we are dying to have her back with us.

On Wednesday I will be off to Helsinki for a PR meeting and also to host a customer for the Eurovision Song Contest of all things which takes place next Sunday. Out of great coincidence, my dearest friend Fátima (She is Pin and I am Pon) will be in Helsinki at the same time so I will be taking her along with me. But more about that next week.

Meanwhile enjoy the photos.


The "snow ball" flowers from the garden in Anne's vase

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Anne said...

que bonito!!!