Friday, May 25, 2007

22 on the 22nd May, Happy Birthday Olivia

Hi again

Just a quickie to include Olivia’s birthday in my blog.

On Tuesday 22nd May Oli turned 22. It was her second day of work as she started on Monday as a trainee journalist with Mía, the Spanish equivalent of Woman’s Own. She’s working from 9 to 2 from now till the end of September which will be a great plus for her empty curriculum. However that meant that her birthday celebration was reduced to a very late lunch with the family, as she doesn’t get home till past half past three.

At least that gave us plenty of time to arrange her lunch. Actually Susi did most of it as I was working too. Thanks a lot Susi.

And here you can see the presents we had waiting for her as well as the birthday lunch table.

And here is the birthday girl, opening her presents.

Susi and Oli and the birthday cake

And laughing with her Father

Happy belated birthday darling and many happy returns.

Love from Mummy

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