Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rome was great but very cold.


Yeah Rome was terrific, despite the freezing temperatures. So, of course we all caught colds. But, well, Rome was worth it, definitely worth it. The best thing about going in January (nobody else went, of course) was that there were no queues, noone on the Spanish steps, but then noone to contemplate from the Pincio.
Being with Eladio with his eclesiastical and classical background was better than any guide: he knows all the Popes, all the Emperors and their order in history and the greatest plus of all is his knowledge of mythology - a great help when it comes to admiring the statues.
What did I like best, apart from the pasta, the pizzas and the wonderful latte coffee? Definitely the Vatican; the Sixtine Chapel. But what really made me choke with emotion was the "Pietat" by Michaelangelo in St. Peter's Church.
No trip is without its hitches and my hitch was losing my vanity case on the way out (an attractive red Samsonite one with loads of expensive cosmetics). One of us left it at the airport. What gave me faith in the Italians was the miracle in getting it back at the lost and found office the day we went back. Who would have believed that?
A big thanks to my friends Marta, Julio and Fátima for all their advice, suggestions and recommendations. I had prepared a very comprehensive programme but without some of their help our trip would not have been such a success. The best tips came from Julio on pre reserved guided visits to the Vatican museums and pre reservation of tickets to the Galeria Borghese.
PICTURES: To prove how empty and cold Rome was, see the picture of me in St. Peter's Square.
See also how romantic our trip was - Mari Carmen and I with roses (I made Eladio buy them from a poor Bangladeshi man) at the Fontana di Trevi.
A great moment for Eladio was seeing the statue of Giordano Bruno, the heretic at the Piazza Campo d'Fiori.
A moment of relax - Roberto and the hat he had just bought, again at Piazza Campo d'Fiori.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip.

Anne said...

hello darling!
it was great to read what you guys have been up to. it made me miss you all and spain and all the lovely traditions and ways of doing things over there! í´m so glad you´ve been busy and sound very happy. love you dearly!
a big hug and kiss for everyone, anne

ps. my hair needs a cut soon so i´ll need to start planning a trip there :)