Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy New Year everyone.

And so, once again, our family got together with Eladio's family to celebrate the New Year in León in the Asador de Amancio. This year we were 27 people, with only 2 or 3 members missing, notably Sarita (guapa) who is studying in China, many miles away - Happy New Year sweetie.

As usual the table was divided into 2 generations: the grandchildren (ages ranging from 34 to 14 -Roberto to Alicia!) and the "children" (ages ranging from 60 to 40) plus the Grandmother, Ernestina and my Father, Courtenay. One person was very much missed this year, Antonio, Eladio's Father who died in May. God bless his soul.

And I wish us all a great New Year. I hope, at least, that this year will be an improvement on last year.

All the very best/Masha

So you can see what a good time we had, here are some pics:

Left to right: (Miguel (my beloved nephew who lives in London and works for the Morgan Stanley bank and will go far in life) with my daughter Susi chatting at the dinner.

Right: Paula, Oli, Laura, Alicia (my beloved God daughter) and Sophie (a cousin of mine from Paris staying with Alicia in León on a cultural exchange).

Centre: Myself, my Father (thoroughly enjoying himself - notice the pink cheeks!) and Eladio.

Bottom left: The girls in masks very appropriate for the occasion.


el jabali del tambaron said...

Just one question... when is the third generation arriving? I think "grandchildren" are now ready, aren't they? Let's hope this 2006 bring us a new FREIJO !!

Masha Lloyd said...

That is up to the 2nd generation: you the nephews and neices. Actually we should talk about the 4th generation. The grandparents are the 1st, we are the 2nd, you are the 3rd and your babies will be the 4th.

Love/Aunty Masha