Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My latest bits of news and activities and, by the way, today is my Birthday.

Hello again.
I just realised that my last post disappeared from my blog. It was about all my bits and pieces of news since after Christmas and going to Rome. Difficult to repeat but here it is with some updates.
Mostly I wanted you to see that things were going well on the social scene and that I was doing lots of going out and inviting people home. Today is my birthday so that's the beginning of 3 days of party activities. Tomorrow Julio and Fátima are inviting me out to lunch and on Friday 10th February I am organising a dinner party at home for 17 people!!! I will be cooking.
On Sunday our beloved family from Francisco Silvela will be coming for lunch- that's Eladio's brother's family, José Antonio, his wife Dolores, his son Juan and his daughter Sara (back from China). Miguel, the other son and my beloved nephew lives in London so can't make it. It's also Juan's birthday today so we shall have lots to celebrate on Sunday. What are we having for lunch? Good old English roast beef, yorkshire pudding and the works!.
Then on the 13th a dear friend Anne Marjut (actually Anne's friend too) who works for Ago, the people who make Nokia's promotional stuff, will be inviting me to lunch. The socialising should come to a stop on Tuesday 14th when I have a surprise invitation for Eladio for St. Valentine's day.
All this eating you will say and what about your diet? Well, yes, I have some small good news: I have now lost 10kg!!! The trick: not eating dinner.
On the job scene, there are 2 doors open at the moment. One is with a Spanish software company where I would be in charge of the PR in 51 countries - too much travelling I imagine - and the other is with a private Spanish University 5 mins from this house. They probably don't pay very well but the low stress factor could be a huge plus. I won't say much more for the moment cos both might well fall through.
On the house scene, many many visits in January and now in February and even a couple of offers (below the asking price unfortunately) but the house is still for sale. However the market seems to be moving.
Oh, yes, I forgot to mention. We have a new member of the family: Susana has a rabbit called Ruby. Her boyfriend Gaby brought it. Susi has bought it a huge cage, nearly the size of her bedroom for Ruby to be happy and there it is chomping hay and lettuce.
My father is very well settled now and is even planning his new trip at the end of March. He wanted to go to Copenhagen but we might have to wait and see what happens with the cartoon issue. He even spoke about 3 trips this year and he is contemplating Rome, Lucerne and Vienna. So where did I get my itchy feet from? But will I be planning such trips when I am 87?? I wonder.
Well today should be fun. I've been told not to cook any lunch and in my birthday card it said: for a very very special birthday. Does that mean there is a surprise? I wonder what it is? Well, you will find out in my next post.
Cheers and love to you all/Masha
PS if you are wondering how old I am, the only clue you will get is that I am still in my 40s!!!

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