Sunday, May 04, 2008

More about our May Bank Holiday

Hi again

We have had a very peaceful time since we returnd from Zamora. Yesterday we did the shopping and had a huge siesta in the afternoon. After our evening walk we decided to return to the scene of our crimes, La Vaca Argentina, for dinner.

Oli came back last night from Santa Pola and must have arrived around 2 in the morning. Suzy is still in Jerez and seems to have had a great time. She sent me this lovely picture of herself dressed in a flamenco outfit for the Feria de Abril so I thought it ought to illustrate this post.

And today I have made one of my best dishes, Cocido Madrileño for which I used the chickpeas we had bought in Zamora and which are from Fuentesauco. Must go off to eat it now with the rest of the family.

So that's all for the moment folks.


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