Monday, February 04, 2008

All's quiet on the home front, Nancy Reagan hairstyle, we went shopping for string but ended up buying new clothes and other things.

Phoebe sleeping peacefully on her new blanket
Hi again

Well yes, on the home front things have been very quiet this week with hardly anything of real interest to tell you. On the work front I have had quite a difficult time from a PR perspective and have hardly lifted my head from my computer the whole week which has been quite exhausting mentally and even physically.

However there has been time for lunch with my agency PR Ketchum to thank them for the good job they are doing. We went to Aspen in La Moraleja which I highly recommend. Funnily enough one of their star dishes is a hamburger but the best one you will ever have! There has also been time to cut my hair (yes, and dye my ****** roots). This may not seem important but it is because this time I changed hairdressers because I’m not very pleased with my local one. My hairstyle, to quote my friend Julio, is like Nancy Reagan’s, in that it hasn’t been changed for the last 20 years and that’s how I want it to stay. So, to do so, this time I went to El Corte Inglés.

Ah, and yes, I bought some new clothes. You see I have now been on a diet for nearly a month and there has been some weight loss. It’s not a lot but enough to feel like buying new clothes. Actually buying clothes was not on the agenda. Eladio and I went on Saturday to buy some string to tie up the branches from the trees he has been pruning. When we were having a coffee in the shopping centre before going into Carrefour to get the string I spotted some very important words at my favourite clothes’ shop, Cortefiel. It said “Remate Final” which means the end of the sales. And, while he was buying the string, I went in. Funnily enough I ended up buying stuff from the new season and nothing from the sales. Buying new clothes always gives me a great lift in morale.

At the weekend we didn’t do much apart from domestic chores, reading, listening to music and going for our daily walk. We did, however, go out to dinner on Saturday and it was not to La Alpargatería but to La Vaca Argentina, one great place to have meat. We always go to the one in Las Rozas which is an all time favourite with us
I devoured one and a half books this weekend which I had ordered through not so long ago. They are about the Holocaust which is a subject that forever fascinates me. To read a survivor’s story is a privilege in history. There were so few of them and it is so important that their stories be told in order to give a lesson to humanity. It is terrible to think that very soon there will be no survivors left. If you are interested these are the books I am talking about:
Alicia, my story
I have lived a thousand years

On a happy note, Oli went to Cadiz with two of her friends this weekend to take part in the Carnavals which are quite famous there. They went dressed as cave men and women!!!

Poor Susi stayed behind because she still has exams. In Spain the most important exams of the year are in February. However she will be finishing tomorrow and on Sunday the 3 of us will be going to Barcelona. I’m going for the 3GSM Congress and they are coming along for the ride. We are going to have a great girly week in between work, of course. One of the highlights of our trip to Barcelona will be dinner with Grainne the night we arrive. But more about that when I return.

The final note of this week’s post is to say Happy Birthday to Laura and Alicia, my nieces. Ali is also my Goddaughter. Amazing to think they are now 24 and 17. Ali is the youngest of 13 grandchildren and to think that she is now a real “señorita” makes me realise just how fast time is passing. ¡Felicidades chicas!

Cheers till next week


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