Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the TV yesterday

Looking very serious

Yesterday was quite special for me cos I appeared on a live TV chat show. The station was a digital one called "Intereconomía" and as the show was at 11.30 in the morning, I presume very few people saw it. It was however also broadcast on the radio at the same time, so who knows. The presenter was Luis Vicente Muñoz, an absolute darling of a journalist and a great professional.
Because it was Luisvi doing this, I immediately accepted the challenge. The programme which was the first of its kind brought in foreign professionials living in Spain to comment on the week's news. And there was plenty of news: Cuba, Kosova, the general election campaign in Spain, the proposal for a new tax for immigrants in the UK, etc. The guinea pigs for this first programme, apart from myself, were a lovely young Chinese girl called Lisa Wang who works for Inter China Consulting in Madrid and Francisco Berlin, a Mexican, who heads up the Association of Mexicans in Spain as well as an NGO for the integration of immigrants in Spain.

Picture taken by Eladio from the TV at home!
I don't know how well we did. You can judge that for yourself on the video (there was an error uploading!) All I know is that it was a great experience. You should be able to see it also here: Intereconomía TV (TV 22nd Feb 11.36)

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