Sunday, January 27, 2008

The History Boys, a fresh look for my Blog but I didn’t read the instructions, did I and no news from Stephanie yet ……………..

Hiya again

Well this weekend has been extremely quiet and I have practically nothing to report. Eladio and I are still feeling a bit under the weather so we have spent most of the time resting, reading, listening to music. The only thing of note was watching the fantastic film sent to me by Amanda called The History Boys, based on the play by Alan Bennet. It’s the story of a group of A level students at a Grammar School in Yorkshire in the 80’s who are taking the Oxbridge entrance exam. It is a comedy, with some pretty strong language, but also a story of human emotions including some quite erotic homosexual moments. It is a great British film. As I went to school in the north of England at around that time I can relate to this film a lot.The History Boys

Oh and yes, as I have had quite a bit of time on my hands I decided to freshen up my blog. I had had the same design since I started it back in September 2005 so it was about time for a change. I use Blogspot which is quite simple but unfortunately when I changed the template I didn’t read the instructions properly so I never saved the old template. Thus I lost all the widgets or tags as they are commonly known. I.e. I lost the links to my friends’ blogs, the translation application, the web counter, the number of visitors online counter as well as the map of where my visitors come from.

It has been a pain to restore them all and I am still having trouble restoring the link to Facebook. Re the others, I think I am there.I hope you like the new image. I do.

And on Friday I wrote to Stephanie and copied Brenda and Amanda suggesting a weekend reunion in Manchester. I have been checking my mail ever since but no reply yet from Stephanie.

Cheers and let’s hope this week will be a good one.


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