Monday, August 13, 2007

A visit from Ponferrada, a funny stomach and off to the coast for the final lap of the Summer holidays.

Hi again,
On Friday night we had a visit from Marta, my oldest niece and her husband, Fernando, commonly known as “Ministro”. They were staying the night with us as the next day they were flying to Paris to visit friends for a few days. Their visit was a great excuse for a dinner party once again this Summer. After much deliberation I prepared Mexican food: fajitas, guacamole, chile con carne, etc which actually proved to be a bit heavy. And to finish us all off Susi made “mojitos” for us all. The picture is of us raising our glasses of mojitos.

Unfortunately the next day I felt quite ill with a bad stomach and even worse head. But it wasn’t due to the Mexican meal as I have had a funny stomach on and off ever since our holiday in Galicia. Probably too much sun has something to do with it.

And tomorrow, Eladio, my Father and I are will be going to Santa Pola for a few days for the last stint of my Summer holidays. The girls will stay behind, of course, as Oli has to work and Susi has to revise for her September exams. She is having great difficulty concentrating and is getting fed up of me reminding her to study all the time. Quite a frustrating experience for us both!!

That’s all for now,

PS picture of dear Henry flat out having a siesta one Summer afternoon in El Bosque

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