Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Phoebe, a new member of the family


We have a new member of the family and it’s a tiny Siamese coloured kitten we found in the street on Sunday when we went for our walk. We immediately adopted her as we knew that if we left her on the street she would be fodder for the cars driving past. She was very very hungry and very thin but now she is gradually improving through the treatment of love and attention she is getting from us all. My Father is not that impressed with her and neither is Henry the cat. We had hoped he would foster her with some sort of paternal instinct but he just ignores her. However for the 4 of us she is like a new toy and we are all absolutely in love with her. I can’t stop taking pictures of her as you can see below.

Dearest Phoebe, welcome to the family.
Cheers Masha.

Phoebe's arrival

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