Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trip to Santa Pola 14th to 18th August

A typical street in Bolulla
Hi again,

Last Tuesday My Father, Eladio and I went to stay in our apartment in Santa Pola on the Costa Blanca for the last stint of our holidays. We bought the place in May 2000 as an investment and holiday home but now we go less and less. Up till this Summer we used to spend at least 2 weeks in August every year there but now we are getting tired of the place. So this time we went more to check the place out than a real desire for a holiday there.

It didn’t turn out to be a great idea as I was plagued with a constant headache and sort of strange “tummy” which I had brought with me from Madrid. So that meant no reading and our holidays in Santa Pola are usually all about reading. Even so we went to the beach each evening for a quick bathe and an hour long brisk walk which always made me feel better afterwards.

We managed a dinner at La Picola, our favourite restaurant which is on the road between Santa Pola and Elche. It has a beautiful terrace filled with flowers and plants and the food is just so good. I didn’t do the dinner justice though as I just was not hungry.

La Picola terrace

La Picola restuarant entrance
On Friday we did another trip down memory lane and drove to Algar, a waterfall oasis in the mountains of Alicante, to have lunch at the Don Juan restaurant which we have both known since we first met some 27 years ago.

From Algar we drove to Bolulla a few kilometres up the road. Bolulla is sort of my village in Spain as this where my Spanish roots started when my Aunt Masha bought a ruin of a house some 35 years ago!!! We went to get the village festival magazine which we were told included an article precisely on my Aunt which I was extremely interested in reading. We also took the opportunity to buy the village fiesta T shirts for 2007.

Bolulla church
On Saturday, our last day, we went to the Santa Pola market which is very much worth going to. It is here Eladio buys his shoes every year or so. This year he also bought some fashionable white Summer shoes which you will see in the picture. We also got 3 lovely Hibiscus plants in yellow, red and salmon. I just hope they last the winter in Madrid.

Eladio's new shoes
From the market we drove back to Madrid, longing to be home really. And so once again we are home and our holidays are now over.
Cheers Masha

Eladio planting one of the hibiscus at home

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