Monday, July 23, 2007

Safe arrival in Galicia

Hi again

And here I am writing from our hotel in Galicia where we arrived last night in the pouring rain. The hotel is nice but the location is ghastly. The hotel is supposed to overlook a beach. Well it does but there is an "eye sore" of a building in front which completely obstructs the view. It's funny how there is no sign of the eyesore on the hotel website! The beach is no great shakes either but the location is fine for visiting the Rías Bajas; everything is nearby.

Thankfully internet is working beautifully, as you can see from the picture of Eladio using it in our hotel room.

The trip, nearly 700 km from Madrid was very long but interesting for us as part of it, from Benavente onwards, was completely new for us. We stopped for lunch at lake Sanabria in Zamora on the way which is well known for its beauty.

By the shores of Lake Sanabria on our way to Galicia
Cheers from las Rías Baixas.

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