Monday, July 09, 2007

Quiet summer weekend, another family visit for the Abuela.

The two brothers,Eladio and José Antonio, with their Mother Ernestina.
Hi again

Last week there was time to catch up with old friends again. It was great to meet up with María Rodríguez and Ignacio Calderón, old colleagues from my Defex days who now head up the FAD (an anti drug association). We hadn’t seen each other for quite some time and it was fun talking about the old days! Then later on in the week I had lunch with Jill from my Nokia days and we had a great girly lunch at a great new Indian place in Madrid.

The weekend has been quiet, uneventful and very very hot. This weekend was the first time we have used the new air conditioning and wow does it make a difference to weekend siestas.

On Friday we hired a film called Cándida which turned out be a complete flop. On Saturday we took my Father and Eladio’s Mother to El Pardo to see the palace where Franco used to live. Unfortunately it was closed because of some official act and won’t be open again till next Friday. Anyway we had a great lunch at El Gamo which is where we always go to in El Pardo. However the lunch was so heavy and the heat so intense that it produced a 3 hour siesta at home upon our return. It also gave me a huge headache which I only shook off on Sunday.

The girls were away all Saturday leaving me with the “oldies” and I must say I very much missed them. Their boyfriends were away for some car rally so they went to Copi’s house. Copi is their “best best” friend and they go back a long way to when they started school together when they were 3!! My daughters are now 22 and 23 and in Spain “children” generally stay on at home until they get married and as people get married later than ever these days, you often find your “children” living under your roof until their mid or late 30s. And, you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love them living with us; they bring so much life to the house and keep us up to date with so many things; fashion, technology, …

Sunday brought a visit from José Antonio, Eladio’s next brother down and his wife Dolores. It is through Dolores as I have said many many times that I met Eladio. She says it’s destiny but it is really thanks to her. They came for lunch and to visit Ernestina, the “abuela”. So lunch was a big affair with 8 around the table.

As we were having lunch, Nadal was fighting Federer at the Wimbledon mens’ final which Federer went on to win after 5 sets. He thus equalled Bjorn Borg’s 5 successive wins at Wimbledon. This was Nadal’s second final at Wimbledon but as we all know he is a “clay” tennis player and not grass.

Also as we were having lunch, Raikkonen was winning the Formula 1 race at Silverstone where Hamilton had the pole position but only managed to come 3rd in the end. Thankfully Alonso beat his team mate and came 2nd this time.

The afternoon was spent lazily by the pool over the Sunday papers and cherry tea. The girls went off again to Copi’s and I wasn’t to see them until Monday.

After preparing dinner for my Father and the Abuela we went for our evening walk with Roberto and Mari Carmen whom we hadn’t seen for some weeks. After the walk we drove to Boadilla for a light tapas dinner at a place called Lizarrán, quite recommendable if a bit slow.

Summer evening dinner, my Mother in law, Ernestina and my Father.
So as you can see a quiet weekend was had by all.

Cheers till next time.

PS Just had to include this picture of our dear cat "stylish" Henry on the roof of the garden hut. It seems to be his favourite spot in the evenings, around our walk time. Isn't he lovely?

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