Friday, July 20, 2007

Annual Summer “Cocido” and the beginning of the holidays

Hi again

Today Julio and Fátima came for lunch for what has now become something of a tradition, the annual Summer cocido. So what is cocido my non Spanish friends may ask? It’s difficult to explain but it is one of Spain’s best kept culinary secrets. Spain may be famous for paella, gazpacho, even ham these days but no so commonly known are suckling lamb or pork or cocido. Cocido is cooked slightly differently in various regions of Spain but the common deonimator is chickpeas, chorizo, various cooked meats/bones and cabbage, potatoes and carrots. My speciality is “cocido madrileño”, a slightly drier version and one which Julio, my dearest male friend could probably die for.

Funnily enough there is always “something cooking” at these lunches and it was at last year’s lunch when the idea of applying for my current job was forged. And I must say, it is thanks to Julio’s insistence and investigative skills that it all worked out as planned that particular day.

And here’s a picture of the 3 friends over an after lunch coffee served by Eladio. The photo was taken by Eladio using my wonderful new Nokia N95 phone, cum camera, cum sat nav device. Great little device if only it were compatible with the BMW 320 blue tooth hands free kit. That’s my only complaint apart from the battery not lasting very long.

And this weekend marks the beginning of my Summer holiday!!!! It was going to be the beginning of August but we have had to put forward our holiday in Galicia one week so as to be able to be with the “abuela”, Ernestina when she is operated on her hip on 2nd August in León.

On Sunday, therefore, Eladio, my Father and I will be heading off to the Rias Bajas of Galicia, right up in the western corner of northern Spain in the province of Vigo which is practically on the Portuguese border. It’s a beautiful part of the country which I have never visited properly. So more news on that from Galicia next week, pending a good internet connection at the hotel. Keep your fingers crossed.

Cheers till then

PS Just had to add this wonderful picture of "stylish" Henry dozing in the plants, again taken with my new N95 but this time by Oli.

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