Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dinner at Julio’s, something of a tradition

Round the table at Julio's house

Fátima and I
Hi again midweek

The last Christmas celebration this year was Julio’s dinner where my whole family, plus Fátima, descended on his bachelor flat for a great evening on Sunday 7th January.

This year was no change. The food was great as usual – all typical Spanish tapas easily obtainable from the Mallorca delicatessen, plus his Mother’s home made chorizo and stuffed peppers. This was washed down by a magnum bottle of Muga. Then we pulled the crackers which were my contribution and tried to translate the silly English jokes inside. Then after a good drinking game it was time for exchanging presents. There were not many surprises as we always tell each other what we want! In fact Fátima bought her present and Julio his and they did a swap at the beginning of the evening.

The highlight of the evening was when Fátima arrived wearing exactly the same jacket as me – a pink velvet one. And above you have a picture of us both dressed the same. Oh, well, no wonder we are called Pin y Pon by our friends here!!

Thanks Julito for a great evening.


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