Sunday, January 21, 2007

A change is as good as a rest – visit to Barcelona and other things

The flower arrangement in the lobby of the Arts Hotel

Birgitta and I at Neichel
Hi again

This week was full of activity – the worst thing being that my new Toshiba laptop crashed and died on Monday night – that made work rather difficult but in one day I was connected to internet again, thank God. I do realise what an addict I am or rather how work dependent we are on email. I also made time for my social life, of course. I had lunch with Jill on Tuesday – she was looking great. I celebrated Fati’s birthday with Julio and Fátima at Tony Romas on Friday where I gave her a present she already had – that shows we really are Pin and Pon as we have the same taste. On Saturday I went with Eladio to the “flicks” as we used to call the cinema when I was a teenager, to see Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. It was very beautiful, all the décor, Versailles and the amazing costumes and hair dos but I was disappointed that the whole of the film was set only at the palace so we got to see nothing about the French revolution and not even their decapitation. And of course we went for dinner to La Alpargatería afterwards and sat at out usual table. It’s a bit dangerous how set in our ways we are, really. Oli always tells me that and I suppose she is right.

But midweek I went to Barcelona with Andrea from our agency to meet up with Birgitta from head office to suss out places for an event in February. I hadn’t travelled for quite a time, so really needed to get away from my desk (or rather desks as I also work at home). So as I hardly travel any more, I was determined to get the most out of this trip and get a real mental break. The weather helped of course, so even if it was January, the temperature at midday was near 20ºC and frankly my coat remained on my arm throughout. We saw many places, old and new, ones I knew and ones I didn’t and finally we made our choice, the Hotel Arts Veranda Café Every time I go to Barcelona to look for a place, I end up choosing it as it is such an amazing place. Dinner was at the Neichel restaurant, a recommendation from my dear friend Julio who has the best taste of all the people I know. And it is actually a Barcelona must, as is the restaurant Gavina at the Barceloneta. And, yes, I now am as I said to a friend who asked me how my trip to Barcelona was, “a kilo or two heavier” but mentally somewhat refreshed.

And that was my week my friends. How was yours? I must have quick peep at my friends’ blogs so I hope they have updated them too.

Cheers till next week/Masha
Pictures (when blogger lets me upload them) are of the flower arrangement in the lobby of the Hotel Arts and of Birgitta and me at the Neichel restaurant in Barcelona.

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