Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back to full speed

Hi again

Monday was back to serious work; although I hadn’t taken any time off at Christmas, I must admit the cruising speed was slower. So it was back with a bang and with lots of activity, as well as planning.

On Tuesday I was invited to the Nokia press party which was one of the highlights of the week. Needless to say I knew everyone there and saw quite a few faces I hadn’t seen for a while. It was held at Arola Madrid belonging to the “famous” Spanish chef, Sergi Arola and which is adjacent to the Reina Sofia Museum.

Wednesday was lunch with Mamen who I hadn’t seen for more than a year. I consider Mamen my “coach” of a kind. She is always so positive to me and after a session with her, my self esteem gets a real boosting. Thanks Mamen for loving me so much.

Thursday was the experience of the year probably as my boss was invited to run a local newspaper for one day. I went along as his “chief editor”. This has only ever happened in the UK (typical stunt for the UK) where Giorgio Armani ran the Independent for one day. It was a whole lot of fun but incredibly stressful as time is forever against you. We started at 14.30 and the newspaper had to be ready for printing by 21.30h. I was amazed to find out how at home I felt in that atmosphere. We also went along to the printing house to see how it was printed and take the first copy of the newspaper as it came off the press.

Not much more to report. Oh, yes, Beckham will be leaving Real Madrid for LA and the huge demonstrations for peace which took place yesterday in Madrid and in Bilbao after the ETA bomb at the car park in Barajas on 30th December. Football and bombs, that’s what Spanish news is nearly always about!

Just got a text message from my “supposed” friend Anne sunning herself in Bali at some 5 star resort, saying it’s just the sort of place I would love. Well, of course, it is, except that I’m not there but here at home, just out of pyjamas on a Sunday morning and with the organisation of the family lunch in my head as I update my blog. Thanks darling Anne , you are so diplomatic!!

Anne’s message has made me remember I haven’t travelled for one hell of a long time, the last place being Stockholm at the beginning of October and meanwhile she will have travelled the globe twice over. My only compensation will be Barcelona next week; off to suss out good locations for an event in February.

Ah, yes and the other thing I have had on my mind this week is the organisation of my next month’s 50th birthday party. Yes my friends, me, Masha, your Mother, your friend, will be turning 50 in February. That is half a century and as someone said to me the other day, that’s when you suddenly realise you are nearer to 70 than to 30. Ouch!!!!

Till next week, have a good week

PS no photos to illustrate the post this week, so Olivia told me to take one of me writing my blog. And here it is, above. I look very Sunday morningish, no make-up; i.e. the real nearly 50 year old me!!!

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Olivia said...

Mum, the bomb atack was on the 30th of December not January!!!!