Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend in León

Yoli and the cats
Pili, Yoli, Adela and Eladio at Alejandro's place.

We spent a very wet weekend in León with Eladio’s family. On Friday, Eladio, my Father, Susi and I left the house in the early evening and faced enormous traffic leaving Madrid. It rained all the way, as it did the whole weekend.

We stayed with Eladio’s youngest brother’s family, Isidro, Yoli, Laura and Alicia. They had prepared a scrumptious dinner for our arrival which we enjoyed together as we hadn’t seen each other since the Summer. After dinner Susi and Laura went out and we watched the TV with a lovely drink of Pacharán which, unfortunately had me asleep within 5 minutes and gave me a strong headache for the whole night and the next morning. I will never learn that strong drinks are NO good for me.

The next day was spent visiting all of Eladio’s family in their respective houses. We started at Adela’s where we met up with Adela, Primo and my Mother-in-law. Next we went to Pili’s for a lovely lunch of roast lamb. Then we all went to Adela’s son Roberto’s new house where we had tea and cakes. Finally we ended up at Alejandro’s new house where there was coffee and cakes, again! So, before dinner and in order to survive, Yoli, Isidro, my Father, Eladio and I went for a long walk – about 7 km, so as to work up an appetite for dinner. We all went out for dinner to a lovely place called Michaela; lovely except that we weren’t very hungry.

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of Isidro’s family’s cats, Lolita and daughter Tati; such fun and so sweet.

We left mid morning today as we had to be home on time to get ready for my dear friend Sandy who is coming to dinner tonight. Sandie and I went to University together and have kept up over the years less frequently than we would have liked. So I think tonight will be the first time I probably 15 years! Sandi – really Alessandra Lizioli is half Hungarian and half Italian, was brought up in India and went to school in England. Today she is living in Brussels. There will be more on the visit after tonight with lots of photos of course.

Dying to see you darling.


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