Sunday, November 12, 2006

A heavy social life this week. It all started with Sandra

Hi again

So, yes, Sandie finally made it to our house last Sunday night, after an hour driving round in the taxi in El Bosque, the area where we live. We hadn’t seen each other since Susana was 8. So if Susana is now 22, that makes it 14 years! Funnily enough we thought we both looked quite good for our age – bubbling with life as usual. Unfortunately Jeffer, Sandra’s boyfriend couldn’t make it that night but when we met him on Monday night his first comment was “like peas in a pod”. And it’s true, Sandie and I are peas in a pod in our attitude to life and how we enjoy it. So Sunday was a lovely family dinner, made by Gaby and Susi – thanks kids – so that we could have more time with each other as there was so much to catch up on.

Monday we went out to dinner with Jeffer and Eladio and I got a bit lost in Madrid and couldn’t find the car on the way home. We ended up having dinner at La Taberna de Lucio as Casa Lucio was closed. The prize dish is “huevos estrellados” which roughly translated is broken fried eggs which is actually, as Sandie pointed out, just that. They were not impressed with that dish, although they were with some of the others.

Tuesday was a rest, going out wise, but on Wednesday evening Eladio and I went to his first Yoigo do. My new company had organised an evening out for the employees and their partners and had taken over a bar in Madrid called La Consentida. We had loads of fun, getting to know my new colleagues and drinking volumes of wine and I must say the food was delicious. We were such a mix of nationalities, it seemed like the United Nations, but that’s what’s so nice about my new company.

On Wednesday evening we also took Susi to the airport as she was off to London to spend the bank holiday – until this Saturday – with her beloved sister Olivia. Olivia was traveling to London from Cornwall and the two of them were staying at Miguel’s, their pied a terre in London. How lovely for them.

Thursday was actually a national holiday so I spent a quiet day at home with Eladio, Susi and my Father. In the evening Eladio and I went to see a film I had long been wanting to see: The Queen; oh so British. It would have been much better to see it in English but I had to make do with Elizabeth II and Tony Blair talking in Spanish. The film took me back to my roots like I never thought possible and there I was crying throughout over the death of the People’s Princess, Lady Diana. Really, though, it is very very well done and I highly recommend it, but probably more to British people.

Friday I worked but explaining my day to Eladio made me see what a lovely job I have. It was spent visiting all the proposed locations for the press conference and launch party I am organizing for Yoigo for December. It included a lovely lunch from the events agency and I also came home with a bunch of flowers - something to do with work but impossible to explain here.

Another very important thing happened on Friday in that Eladio and I went to the BMW garage to get the GPS installed. We had seen these work in other people's cars, but never imagined how they were going to change our life! We are very impressed and now don't know how we lived without one before. It is so useful and such fun. Long live technology!!

And yesterday Eladio and I went to the cinema to see the film he was dying to see: Gal which is about a huge political scandal of state terrorism which occurred under the last Socialist Government in Spain where state paid police were entrusted with the killing off of members of the Basque terrorist organization ETA. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it, but in the end found it very informative and not as violent as I had expected.

Today we are having lunch at José Antonio and Dolores’ house in Madrid, so we shall probably go for a nice walk in the Retiro first. Susi is not joining us as she came home in the small hours after returning from London pretty late last night.

Well, we now have next weekend to look forward to as on Friday, Eladio, my Father, Susi and I will be traveling to London to stay at Amanda’s house (my childhood friend) where we will meet up with Olivia. We are dying to see her as we haven’t seen her since 18th September. It’s going to be a very short visit – arrive late Friday, be there all Saturday and return mid morning Sunday – but we will enjoy it to the full. I am also looking forward to a quick visit to Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencers, of course.

So that’s it for this week which has been very busy and intense with lots of things happening socially. The best of all was seeing Sandie again who was looking great!!

Unfortunately the photos are **** but they are all I have.

Write again next week.

All my love

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