Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ex Motorola gathering

The group of Motorolans from the early 90's

On Thursday night I went to the gathering of the Ex Motorola employees from the early days – 1990 – 1995. We call ourselves the Analogue Generation. Motorola started in Spain in 1990 and we were a very enthusiastic team of people who started it up from scratch in a society who didn’t know what a mobile phone was. When I say started up, I mean that, from the very beginning with hired offices and a very small team. For most of the people Motorola was their first job and a lot of them were then in their early 20s then.

Today most of us are all still in the telecoms sector and we have representatives in Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Orange, Vodafone, Yoigo, Telefónica and of course some of the original team are still with Motorola.

The organizers, Nuria, Pepe and Vicent – and a big thank you to them from me from my blog – put in some hard work first to find us all and then in the wonderful way they organised it. We were given a special sweat shirt for the occasion which we all wore proudly the night through. First we played bowling and then went on to dine at a great Argentine restaurant. But just before dinner they put on a video where they had used photos of us all which we had sent in with nostalgic music and funny captions. The video was a true masterpiece and had us all in stitches. We all looked so so young compared to these days. We were also given a copy each – thanks again Vicente.

It was such a good event that we have agreed to repeat it again next year.


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